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The Money Mom is on a mission to transform our culture’s financial attitude through common sense, financial education, tools and coaching. We champion our clients to lead intentional lives – free from debt and financial uncertainty – so that they may succeed spiritually, personally, and financially.

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Address: P.O. Box 1784, Midlothian, VA 23113

Phone: 804.814.4716

Web: https://www.TheMoneyMom.com

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Let us help you beat the averages and begin living a lifestyle that will build wealth for you and your family. This can bring a sense of peace to your life that nothing else can match. With 77% of all American families having less than three months of savings and an average debt load of $221,800, most people are living on the edge of a financial cliff; only one major life event away from financial disaster. Don’t be average.

Average American Debt Profile

Auto Loan Debt $15,270: 6.8%
Consumer Debt $21,600: 9.7%
Student Loan Debt $28,900: 13%
Mortgage Debt $156,700: 71%
Average Total Debt $221,800

Consumer Debt Over Time (Click Chart)

Average American Savings Profile

No Savings 27%
Less Than 3 Months Savings 50%
Total With No Savings Or Less Than 3 Months 77%

Our Top Priorities

  • Teach our community the fundamental principles of personal finance, including saving, budgeting, planning for retirement, and debt elimination.
  • Empower our clients with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful with their money.
  • Care for our clients and guide them through challenging life events.
  • Help people understand the freedom experienced by living a debt-free lifestyle.
  • Change our clients’ money habits so they can build a financial legacy for future generations.


“Little by little we got intentional about our steps, changes, and decisions about so many things. Now we have our Money Mom, Ashley Abplanalp, who is AMAZING!!! Roy and I love our journey and working with Ashley has been such a tremendous blessing!!! Go Money Mom. I can’t begin to express the peace and joy Ashley brings by working with us!!! Thank you, Ashley!!! There is just pure joy in having a Money Mom!!!”
Michelle, Virginia
“I have met with Ashley twice and her advice has changed my focus and the direction of my family’s financial future. Ashley has been extremely positive and encouraging of me during our short journey together. She is not afraid to speak the truth in love as she makes assessment and recommendations. Ashley is also very understanding and respectful of my choices and priorities. As she has stated and shown, every person’s journey is unique and the goal is to be walking toward the next goal. Thank you, Ashley, for all you have done and I look forward to a long relationship.”
D.F., Virginia
“My financial coach was very supportive, concerned, flexible and non-judgmental. In the beginning, my husband and I were in financial crisis and barely speaking to each other. In our session, our coach skillfully guided the conversations, emphasizing the key points and baby steps until we were finally able to begin communicating and working together as a team to create our financial plan.”
Karen, Missouri
“Writing a budget each month has been the best thing for us and our family! Working together not only saved our finances, it helped our marriage. I can honestly say we are living proof that these principles really do work!”
Kevin & Becky, Iowa
“Of course we were skeptical about spending money we did not have on a coach, especially when we were already $30,000 in debt over and above our mortgage. But just 10 months later, we have paid off $17,000 of our debt, and are on track to have the remaining $13,000 paid off by Thanksgiving. The investment in coaching was simply the best money that we have ever spent.”
Paul & Andi, Minnesota