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The Money Mom is on a mission to transform our culture’s financial attitude through common sense, financial education, tools and coaching. We champion our clients to lead intentional lives – free from debt and financial uncertainty – so that they may succeed spiritually, personally, and financially.

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Are you a Human Resources or Benefits Director, Business Owner, or CFO?

Are you seeing the following from your employees and team members?

  • Increased 401k loans

  • Requests for emergency assistance

  • Turnover due to a higher paying jobs

  • Lack of focus and productivity

Financial stress among employees directly impacts your company’s bottom line. When your employees are worried about how their bills are going to get paid, they simply are not as focused on their job as they should be.

Not investing in your employees’ Financial Wellness can cost you thousands of dollars. The results demonstrate that employers are seeing an average Return on Investment of 5 to 1 on this type of benefit program. Is your organization ready to start supporting your team members’ financial goals? Are you ready to start seeing an increase in productivity and improvement in your bottom line? If a Financial Wellness program is something your organization is ready to explore, let’s get started!

Program Offerings

The Money Mom works with start-ups, nation-wide corporations, and everything in between. Through a partnership with the My Money Wellness national team of coaches, we can provide you one consistent financial wellness program across your varied campuses.

Our program consists of three elements:


My Money Wellness is an online, self-paced, educational program containing best practices and resources from the nation's top financial coaches.


This program is intended to serve as a one-stop-shop collection of financial education tools, including instructional videos, forms, assessments, surveys and much more. It can be accessed from the comfort of your team member’s home and worked on outside of the workplace.


The Money Mom’s two one-session workshops, “Budgeting & Planning For Emergencies” and “Tackling Debt”, will train your entire team while taking as little time away from work as possible.


This is not your typical financial seminar. Peppered with videos, group participation, and forms, these workshops leave your staff with not just information and education but with the steps needed to put into practice what they have learned.


The Money Mom's coaches will provide individualized financial coaching for your team members. Services are available on a per-session, half-day, or full-day basis.


Many team members need more than just a self-paced program or a group workshop. They need to know someone is there keeping them accountable and walking with them step-by-step through their financial transformation.

Program Objectives

Financial Wellness in the Workplace helps to REDUCE:

  • Outstanding 401k Loans

  • Number of Garnishments

  • Employee Turnover Rates

  • Healthcare Costs

  • Absenteeism Across Company

Financial Wellness in the Workplace helps to IMPROVE:

  • Dependent Care Spending Accounts

  • Job Performance

  • Healthcare Premium Savings

  • Healthcare Spending Accounts

  • Productivity and Profitability

These outcomes are achieved by teaching the following Financial Skills to your employees as part of our program:

  • Stop spending more than you make. (NO MORE CREDIT CARDS!)

  • Establish a monthly budget and cash flow plan.

  • Establish an initial $1,000 emergency fund.

  • Ensure a sound financial plan is in place; including, a 3-6 month emergency fund, retirement and college savings, wills, insurances, and other investments.

  • Establish a plan to eliminate ALL debt except for the house.

  • Identify areas to reduce expenses.

  • Establish a cash envelope system.

How Do I Get Started?

To establish a top-notch Financial Wellness program that meets the needs and available resources of your organization, follow these six easy steps:

Schedule an initial consultation with one of our expert financial coaches.

We will identify why your organization may want to implement a Financial Wellness program. We can meet in person or over a video-conference. Please use our online scheduler to choose a date and time that is most convenient for your schedule.

Schedule Now !

After scheduling the Consultation, complete our brief online Member Registration questionnaire

Please fill out this form online prior to our scheduled appointment so we can come prepared with an initial understanding of your organization and your potential Financial Wellness needs.

Member Registration

Review our educational tools which includes a combination of the following:

• My Money Wellness Portal
• Workshops
• One-to-One Coaching

Send a confidential survey to company employees.

Results from the employee survey are sent to The Money Mom and reported back to your organization. This survey will help us better understand the Financial Wellness needs of your employees so we can tailor the program to best fit your organization.

Identify your organization’s budget.

To help define the scope and breadth of the Financial Wellness program, we need to understand what your organization has budgeted for the implementation of a Financial Wellness program.

Follow up meeting with your expert financial coach.

We’ll meet to discuss your organization’s survey results and we’ll match your team’s needs with your company’s budget!