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Financial stress within your workforce can directly impact your company’s bottom line.  When your employees are worried about their personal finances and how the bills are going to get paid, they are not focused on their responsibilities at work.  The Money Mom partners with employers to provide financial wellness programs to improve the financial stability of their workforce. Failing to invest in your employees’ Financial Wellness can cost you thousands of dollars.

Program Objectives

Financial Wellness in the Workplace helps to REDUCE:

  • Outstanding 401k Loans

  • Number of Garnishments

  • Employee Turnover Rates

  • Healthcare Costs

  • Absenteeism Across Company

Financial Wellness in the Workplace helps to IMPROVE:

  • Dependent Care Spending Accounts

  • Job Performance

  • Healthcare Premium Savings

  • Healthcare Spending Accounts

  • Productivity and Profitability

These outcomes are achieved by teaching the following Financial Skills to your employees as part of our program: