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The Money Mom is on a mission to transform our culture’s financial attitude through common sense, financial education, tools and coaching. We champion our clients to lead intentional lives – free from debt and financial uncertainty – so that they may succeed spiritually, personally, and financially.

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The Money Mom has teamed up with a national group of coaches to build an online web portal containing top-notch, self-paced guides and tools that can be used to build your fundamentals of finance. As a coaching client, you will be granted full access to these powerful tools.

My Money Wellness contains a convenient dashboard where you can track your progress as you begin working through the lessons. It also includes a variety of useful forms and other informative articles which make the transition to a debt free lifestyle easier.

If you have not signed up for My Money Wellness yet and are interested in learning how this valuable tool can assist you individually or as an employer, please review the materials found under the ‘Individuals and Families’ or ‘Employers’ section of the website and contact us or schedule a consultation with one of our coaches to discuss further.

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