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Personal finance is the process of managing the flow of money and making decisions related to your financial assets. Anyone who has ever had money flowing through their possession has been involved with personal finance, and as the term suggests, personal finance is, well, PERSONAL!

Every individual and family has a unique financial profile. The Money Mom’s clients consist of those who are well on their way to financial freedom, as well as those in the middle of a financial crisis or a devastating life event that need guidance from a trained financial coach.

What Is Financial Coaching?

Think personal trainer…for your finances! The Money Mom’s certified Financial Coaches design your individualized plan, monitor your progress, and keep you focused. Cheering you on every step of the way, they give you the techniques and strategies you need for financial empowerment; a status that will translate into every other aspect of your life.

Whether you are in need of a complete financial overhaul or guidance in one particular area, The Money Mom’s certified Financial Coaches will get you on track and give you the power to stay there. We do not sell any investments or insurance products, which leaves our coaches free to be entirely objective in their recommendations to clients.

The Money Mom provides the resources and accountability to help individuals follow-through on the actions needed to lead them to financial success. Our programs are tailored to meet your specific needs while always accounting for these overall goals:

Program Objectives

  • Stop spending more than you make.

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