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The Money Mom is on a mission to transform our culture’s financial attitude through common sense, financial education, tools and coaching. We champion our clients to lead intentional lives – free from debt and financial uncertainty – so that they may succeed spiritually, personally, and financially.

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Hi, I’m Ashley Abplanalp, Founder and CEO of The Money Mom. As a certified Financial Coach, I recognize how crucial a solid fiscal foundation is to achieving success in life. I am a wife, a mother, a mentor, a dreamer, and a successful business owner. I am someone who finds fulfillment in life by helping those around me achieve their dreams. I have worked in the corporate world and in real estate sales; however, nothing in my past has ever fulfilled my passion as much as being a Financial Coach.

Every day when I go to work, I know I am helping my clients change the future for themselves and their family. It is thrilling to watch a couple, who has been arguing about money for years, start to communicate about their dreams and futures together as they sit down to do a budget for the first time. It is also a joy to help families who are overwhelmed with their current financial situation find the confidence and hope that is needed to win with money.

Personal Finance is all about communication, behavior, shared goals, and dreams. As a Financial Coach, whether I am leading a Financial Wellness program for one of my partnered employers or I am working one-on-one with an individual or family, I have the knowledge and skills necessary to help my clients change the way they communicate about, and behave with, money. I help my clients define their goals and dreams and give them the tools necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

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“Most people never think twice about spending money on a professional to improve their health, fix their car or complete their taxes. So, why not approach financial coaching with the same mindset? We did just that and are now back on track financially and have significantly reduced our everyday stresses that were once created by money.”
Scott & Kristin, Iowa
“We had approximately $8,300 in debt when we first met with our My Money Wellness financial coach and our money was going to run out of our bank account in the next 45 days. Through following his guidance, we were able to eliminate all of our debt that we had (except our house) and saved six months worth of expenses in our fully funded emergency fund!”
Steve & Brooke, Iowa
“As a single Mom, I have struggled to keep myself afloat financially while retaining my self-confidence. The My Money Wellness coach I partnered with was down-to-earth, easy to talk to and has walked a mile in my shoes. Because of this, I didn’t feel judged or insecure about my situation.”
Stacey, Missouri
“After the sudden death of my husband, I was faced with being on my own to figure out a budget and other issues that I never had to think about before. Thanks to my coach, I am assured knowing I have what I need to be financially secure. My coach pushed me to make a budget that would let me feel confident that I can provide for my family long-term and be prepared for any emergencies while also being sensitive to my circumstances and patient while I built confidence in handling money.”
Laurie, Minnesota
“I played Monopoly with my kids today and two of them had established an emergency fund for the game! What a great reminder of how much the choices we as adults make have an impact on others around us. My husband and I tease each other that those who save together, stay together.”
Barb, Minnesota